Design in a BOX
Today, when almost anything is just a click away, many of us grew accustomed to the
 idea of instant results. Not all of us have the time or the means to embark on a custom interior design project and hire
an interior designer! Sometimes we just need a straightforward solution and we need it right away! This is what prompted us to come up with our "Design in a Box" concept! 
"Design in a Box" is a virtual box with a  collection of carefully selected furnishings and decor that might
just solve one of your design needs! 

Is it furnishing a room in a certain style you love or a predesigned tablescape for an upcoming celebration that you are longing for?
Now you may have a solution right here on our website! No phone calls, no meetings, no endless browsing online
in hopes to find the right items that would effortlessly look well together! 

By purchasing one of our designs, you will gain access to all the elements of a well-designed space.
You will receive a complete shopping list and thorough recommendations on how
how to achieve the best possible result out of your newly purchased design!

How it works? It's very simple:
1. Purchase your design
2. Access your package on our designer portal 
3. Purchase items in the shopping list
4. Refer to our instructions for final installation and staging
5. Enjoy your newly designed space!

Please see the available designs below. We will make sure to grow our collection - let us know what you' would like to see featured next!
  1. Contemporary Bachelor Pad Living Room
    Contemporary Bachelor Pad Living Room
    Embrace this classy, elegant and organized look - a designer living room that speaks of masculinity and confidence! Spoil yourself in a space infused with deep colors, and rich textures of timeless, yet modern furnishings. We know that decorating a bachelor pad can be challenging, now you can approach it's interior with an action plan and get the most out of your space without sacrificing any time! Package Style: Luxury Approximate Shopping List Total: 6,500 Design Fee: $300
  2. Transitional Bedroom in Neutral Tones
    Transitional Bedroom in Neutral Tones
    Immerse yourself into a timeless setting of luxurious elements and heartwarming atmosphere. This carefully selected collection of furnishings and decorative items will satisfy the most demanding eye! Your dream bedroom is right here! Package Style: Luxury Approximate Shopping List Total: 4,800 Design Fee: $300
  3. Contemporary Bedroom with a Statement
    Contemporary Bedroom with a Statement
  4. A Tablescape Inspired by Fall
    A Tablescape Inspired by Fall
    As fall is settling in, it is time to think of your special tablescape for this colorful season! The fusion of bold modern elements is softened by the warmth of accent metals and textures. Inspired by Fall, this table setting could become the perfect scene for your family reunion at the Thanksgiving Dinner. It would also be very much appropriate for a less formal Halloween Bash, or simply for your fall Birthday gathering. Impress your guests and dine in style! Package Style: Luxury Approximate Shopping List Total: 700 Design Fee: $125